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Eduteams - Game Based Learning Built Into Education System

"Imagine if you will the year is 2040...teamwork and Game Based Learning has been built into the education system. Languages were the first to be transformed, geography, maths and sciences soon followed, the other subjects all became involved to ensure each school did well in the league tables, of what have become known as...The Trials".

Eduteams is the resource to allow teachers to introduce game play, in an educational context, into the classroom. Eduteams incorporates core skills into the game play, making it essential to use team work, communication, problem solving, literacy and numeracy and IT skills to complete each part of the game.

Eduteams is competitive. Modules are scored, providing a useful guide for the teams and teachers for motivational purposes and to show progression, allowing pupils to map their success.

Eduteams provides a constant challenge. Each module is randomised each time they are played. Changing the dynamic of the teams also provides new challenges for the pupils. Eduteams allows pupils to play, set their own goals, reflect and devise strategies.

Eduteams is a multiplayer system, specifically designed for groups of pupils to play on individual PCs (or Macs) over a network.

Eduteams is a TPLD (Team Play Learning Dynamics) product. TPLD has currently two products, Eduteams which covers core skills in schools, and Infiniteams which covers soft skills in the private and public sectors.

TPLD combines the powerful integration of multi-player games technology and the psychology of learning with subject matter expertise. TPLD was born out of the passion to change the paradigm of learning and has a reputation for being one of the few companies globally that fully understands The Game Based Learning (GBL) Essentials