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Futurelab Serious Games Showcase

Futurelab Showcase Interactive Menu

Futurelab showcase features innovative work which reflects the latest thinking in interactive media, educational ICT and digital technologies. On this page you will find information on all of Futurelab own projects (both current and past), while the other projects page gives examples of other people's work.

You can also view an amazing interactive version of the showcase menu in 3D.
Futurelab is a a non-profit organization. Tapping into the huge potential offered by digital and other technologies, they are developing innovative learning resources and practices that support new approaches to education. 

Working in partnership with industry, policy and practice, Futurelab:
  • incubates new ideas, taking them from the lab to the classroom
  • offers hard evidence and practical advice to support the design and use of innovative learning tools
  • communicates the latest thinking and practice in educational ICT
  • provides the space for experimentation and the exchange of ideas between the creative, technology and education sectors.