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Global Conflicts Game

Serious Games challenging us to play a better future

Serious Games Interactive, located in Copenhagen, is a company started by people convinced that the next generation of computer games will throw the shackles of mindless entertainment.

In mid 2005 they started the development of Global Conflicts - Palestine, which is expected to be released worldwide in 2007 for PC and Mac platform.

Violence conflicts, and death are as interesting and relevant themes as ever but they intend to make games that are both entertaining and enlightening

To ensure this balance they will mirror the real tough choices in conflict 
situation, not killing people but reducing tension in a region is the real challenge. They want players to get behind the scene experiencing excitement in tense situations, the feeling of power but also the repercussions of different actions in conflict situations. They do not merely wish people to play the game but really engage with it - feeling, thinking, and discussing it – they may be shocked, appalled, and disgusted seeing the inside of conflict not just the surface so often portrayed in current stereotypical computer games. This is not the glossy game universes you know.

Global Conflicts - Palestine: This is the first installment in a series of high quality games evolving around global conflicts. The first installment takes it starting point in the conflict in Israel/Palestine, where you arrive as a green journalist. You have to cover the conflict for your paper maintaining neutrality, but as you dig deeper you will find it increasingly hard to stay neutral.