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Serious Coaching For Future-Making Serious Games

Searching over the Net for the latest on "Serious Games", I came up with the two posts below that I welcome as true gifts for my "baby" blog. My gratitude to both authors for taking the time to "play" with some of my ideas.

3 August 2006

Eliane Alhadeff has published a blog about “future-making” serious games, i.e. games “that challenge us to play at building a better future”.

Although the blog needs quite some design work still - it took me some effort for instance to turn off the music (go to the July 14 post and hit the pause button) and the bloated sidebar suffers from featuritis - I have to say that the texts are cleverly written, the image selection is well-done, and above all I think it is very valuable for all of us to have somebody finally starting to create an overview of what is going on in this field.

Playful learning is definitely an area that will see major growth, and allow for innovative experience design of relevance for many different parts of society, both private and public. Hence the report we published a while back.

I can only encourage Eliane to pursue this path and try to take on a leadership role in the exploration of this field. Her blog has the potential to become a portal on the topic. To start with, she should do some more work on the categories, so that somebody interested in say games and the elderly, or games and the arts, or games and civil society can quickly find some interesting links.

Via WorldChanging
Futuremaking Serious Games and Cardboard Castles Posted by Alex Steffen at July 31, 2006 11:18 AM.

A while back, I wrote an essay, Future-making, in which I discussed the importance of using new tools to help people visualize better futures, and gave a brief overview of which tools seemed particularly exciting to me. Serious games, of course, were high on the list.

Now Eliane Alhadeff has launched a whole blog on serious games, Future-making Serious Games It's a new blog, but there's already a bunch of good stuff up there.