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NanoWars: Serious Games To Understand Nanotech

PlayGen is seeking sponsorship for this serious game in order to fulfill the vision of making it available at no/minimal cost to pupils and teachers.

Action Adventures in the Nano world

PlayGen is developing NanoWars an interactive 3d learning game based on understanding nano-sciences and nanotechnology. The players are challenged in imaginative environments that promote learning about: Molecular building, Nano-Imaging, Creation of Nano-devices, Nano-medicine, Quantum Behavior, Manipulating Electrons and Nano-Materials.

NanoWars  primary audience is 12-18 year olds but the game is an engaging learning experience irrespective of age. It educates players on topics from molecular construction to nano-medicine, and will be available from its 2007 launch through download for the PC and through retail for PlayStation Portable.

The game's plot is to save the world from destruction by Dr.Nevil and his army of nano-machines and nano-materials, whilst the player stealthily learns about real world nanotechnology. The game hero (player) supported by Dr. Goodlove and his assistants use nano-imaging and quantum theory, create nano-machines, develop nano-materials, and utilize an extraordinary shrinking machine to shrink the player to nanoscale to stop Dr. Nevil and save the world.

To ensure NanoWars is scientifically accurate PlayGen has partnered with Cientifica, a global nanotechnology consultancy and have put together a scientific advisory board including Professor Mark Welland, head of the Nanoscience Centre at the University of Cambridge and Soft Machines author Professor Richard Jones of the University of Sheffield. Their aim is to inspire and touch 28 million American and 6 million British teenagers, who play video games, to learn and know much more about nanotechnology.

About PlayGen 

Founded in 2001 by gaming industry experts, PlayGen is a London based game development studio with a strong and growing track record in developing serious games for training and learning purposes. PlayGen has the expertise and technologies to achieve a new level of informative entertainment that rivals today's best commercial games and generate new forms of education for today’s gaming generation.