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Serious and Casual Games: 3 Big Game Industry Forecasts for 2007

Via: Information Technology and Software Development

Three big game industry forecasts for 2007:
  • “The launch of Windows Vista with the DirectX 10 graphics software will enable a new generation of graphics on the PC. That’s important because it will enable better graphics on the PC than you can get on the consoles, paving the way for a revival of the PC games business in 2007 with titles from Crysis to Spore.”
  • “Microsoft has the ace up its sleeve in the console war with the upcoming Halo 3 launch. Sony will try to make up for that with titles such as Killzone 2. Nintendo will make do with fewer numbers of titles on both the Wii and the DS. If gamers embrace original new titles coming for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft cuts the price on its console, the Redmond giant could exit the year with a market share lead.”
  • “Music players are entering the fray. Apple’s iPod is capable of playing games and game publishers are putting more titles on that platform. Microsoft has the Zune music and video player and could come up with a version that plays games too.”
A Playful 2007 To All!