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Serious Games by Global Kids: Bridging Virtual and Real Worlds

Via Global Kids' Digital Media Initiative

First, the event in the real world -- Our Walls Bear Witness

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum projected wall-sized images of the genocide in Darfur onto its facade every night during the Thanksgiving week, marking the first time the national memorial's exterior was used to highlight contemporary genocide. The photographs are drawn from the work of some of the world's premier photojournalists, including VoGP guest, Ron Haviv.

The event in virtual world -- U.S. Holocaust Museum's Darfur Photos on Camp GK

A version of the museum, and of the photos, have been created in the main grid. Those folks were kind enough to give us a copy, with the help of Claudia Linden, and they are now on display on Global Kids Island.

A number of teens built objects to support the event. nik385 Doesburg helped out a lot, amongst other things building a rotating globe with an arrow pointing to the Darfur region of the Sudan.

Along with a video from the opening ceremonies at the U.S. Holocaust museum, GK ran a second screen with a student project about Darfur from TSL resident Aesop Thatch.