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A Recall: Get-Well Serious Games

A Fun Center is a mobile entertainment unit containing a flat-screen television, DVD player, and Nintendo GameCube™ system. Whether hospitalized children are nervously awaiting surgery, sitting restlessly during a long treatment, or feeling lonely in their hospital room, the Fun Center helps them cope by providing endless hours of fun and distraction.

To date, more than 4,000 Fun Centers have been sponsored by companies, foundations and individuals and are being enjoyed at hospitals across North America.

Though there are more than 4,000 Fun Centers the need is still great: hundreds of hospitals are waiting for Fun Centers right now.

Nintendo of America has been a key player in manufacturing Fun Centers for Starbright Children’s Foundation and will begin shipping new-and-improved Fun Centers, containing Wii consoles, to hospitals starting in summer 2007."

In related good hearted activities, The Get-Well Gamers Foundation (please find my previous posting G4H 2006:Serious Games to Improve Patient Hospitalization Experience) expanded to cover 41 hospitals in 26 states

Their next step is to see that they have the product donations to support their new increased capacity. At the moment, they have nowhere near what is required, but given their track record of success, they are confident that someone will answer the call.

If you have any spare games or systems above the 16 bit era consider donating them. Sometimes relaxing before an operation can make a world of difference and playing games makes those lonely days at the hospital pass much faster.