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Serious Game Design Master Degree At MSU

Via: MSU Serious Game Design Masters Program

Change the World with Us!

Michigan State University is recruiting students now for the Fall 2007 launch of our Serious Game Design masters degree program. They seek outstanding students with a desire to create and study games which change the world.

Designing effective, engaging "Serious Games" requires theoretical understanding of learning, cognition, emotion, and play. Along with great game design, serious games need content and pedagogy expertise, design research, and impact research.

The SGD-MA aims at the heart of serious game design, that magical region where theory and content intersect with game design. Game design for entertainment already requires diverse, multidisciplinary expertise. Serious game design calls upon vastly wider range of expertise and roles.

The mission of the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab at Michigan State University is to design innovative prototypes, techniques, and complete games for entertainment and learning and to advance state of the art knowledge about social and individual effects of digital games.

The GEL Lab is an association of game research and design faculty and students at Michigan State University, primarily in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

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