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Serious Games For The Nasa-Sponsored Classroom Of The Future

The Classroom of the Future is housed at the Center for Educational Technologies®. Since its start in 1990, the program has created curriculum for all ages, curriculum that improves mathematics, science, geography, and technology education in ways consistent with national educational standards.

This unique relationship with NASA allows the Classroom of the Future to create high-quality materials that are technology intensive. These curricular supplements incorporate NASA expertise and datasets.


Debbie Denise Reese will be a speaker at the upcoming SGS-GDC leading the session Designing Selene: Theory-based Game Design and Data Mining

Reese was the principal researcher and project manager for the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future (COTF) Inspiration project. She is the lead educational researcher for the NASA education game project directed by the NASA Technology and Products Office through COTF.


International Space Station Challenge™ Learners experience space station design, construction, and research through hands-on and computer-based simulations. A newsletter covers the latest happenings. Grades K-12

BioBLAST® At a simulated lunar research facility, learners design and test a plant-based, self-contained life-support system that can sustain a crew of six for three years. Grades 9-12

Astronomy Village: Investigating the Solar System® Students play real-world scientists in seven investigations as they search for life in the solar system or probe the mysteries of Pluto. Grades 5-7

ExoQuest® Does extraterrestrial life exist? Students try to answer that question as they learn contemporary astrobiology in virtual journeys reflecting past and future NASA missions. Grades 10-12

STORM-E Outdoor events are planned. Will the weather cooperate? You'll be the meteorologist who makes the call. Grades 4-6