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TruckSim: Serious Games For Professional Driving Training

Via: TruckSim

A truck simulator provides a "real" experience; it duplicates the operation of a vehicle and reproduces a world outside. Simulators generate an opportunity to train and assess current or new drivers through a range of complex simulated experiences and events. Scenes are delivered with sufficient reality to ensure that the driver becomes truly immersed in the experience.

Both internal and external information is accurately reproduced ensuring drivers feel as if they are sitting in the cab of their own vehicle.

Quality audio and visual systems contribute to making the experience as real as possible.

The simulator is programmed to move to replicate the impact of acceleration, braking and gradients or the effect of particular loads.

First Phase Results

620 qualified drivers participated in the first phase of the TRUCKSIM research programme running between November 2003 and March 2004. A diverse range of freight transport and logistics operations were represented by drivers from large multinationals through to owner operators.

TRL's research is still only at the beginning of understanding how simulation technology works, how it can be best applied and ultimately exploited. Clearly, this essential first step would not have been possible without the commitment of companies sending drivers to TRL.

The development of synthetic training tools, such as TRUCKSIM, shall be essential in providing appropriate, effective training solutions to assist the industry.