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Delivering On 'Serious Games' Promises: NMConnect Day1

I've spent almost my whole Sunday attending the NMConnect event in SL and it was a most rewarding experience.

ALHADEFF Haller meditating before Anthony Fontana's short talk

I've started with the Prism Hero Walk guided interactive art, where I lived the colorful life of a hero -- or should I say a "Shero" -- for about 25 minutes, when my LAN crashed. I felt miserable, because I was taking the tour together with a great hero and we were about to complete our quest. Ludo Merit was the welcoming guide on duty.

Later on, I attended the musical performance entitled "Out of Chaos, Peace", where Aldo Manutio Abruzzo (Dennis Moser of the "usr/sbin" ambient music project) presented a series of seven, live, one-hour long improvisations."

These musical meditations will continue over the course of NMConnect, culminating on Tuesday with a complete rebroadcast of the series. The concept of the performance lies in taking a seven note harmonic sequence, and using different rhythmic structures and starting notes, to create a different piece for each session.

About NMConnect

CONNECT THE DOTS! Dots tell the stories of the artists; the walks between the worlds illustrate more of the connections in this group art experience built on the New Media Consortium Campus for Second Life by In Kenzo of AMO Studio and over 4 dozen art installation teams from a dozen countries.

Six theme areas over 5 sims illustrate the fundamental ideas that bind us together as networks and forces in the world. We come together around LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY, CHAOS, TRUTH and WISDOM to explore over 50 installations from many of Second Life's most accomplished artists.