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Global Kids' Inspiring Launch: Serious Games Island

A shot from the first few moments on the Serious Games Island

Via: Global Kids' Digital Media Initiative - The Baby Steps of Serious Games Island

Global Kid's relentless production always amazes me.

This month marks Global Kid's one year anniversary in the teen grid and in celebration Global Kids has just purchased a third new island and named it the Global Kids Machinima Island!

At the same time, they have changed the existing Global Kids Island II, to the new Global Kids Serious Games Island, for those who like to play games in TSL and run gaming-related activities about important issues.
Moo Money from the main grid will be helping out and bringing over cool new stuff on the Machinima Island while Storm Basiat, the current GK Games Group leader, will be hosting games on the new gaming Island.

Both islands will develop communities that will support related after school programs while providing an environment to engage TSL residents around the same issues.