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Is Serious Gaming In Apple´s Future - 700 Diggs!

As I revisit three originally stand-alone posts, published last January:
  1. Is Serious Gaming in Apple's Future?, via IProng and object of almost 700 diggs so far;

  2. Iphone : Interesting Possibilities for Serious Games, via The Power of Play - Serious Games in Canada;

  3. And my own posting IPhone: A New Vehicle for Serious Games?, inspired by the latter, which explores whether reinventing the mobile phone market could open space for portable Serious Games
and when considering them under a "bundled" perspective, the referred speculations sound more like a serious possibility.

This could imply a significant change in direction for Apple. Lately, Apple has been creating software on its own to fill in some niches to show others how it's done on the Mac. As Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated in his IPhone Introduction at the Macworld Conference & Expo 2007, "If you are really serious about hardware you have to develop your own software".

IProng has found that there are interactive fiction works for the iPod which are like choose-your-own-path stories or text based adventures. On the other hand, he thinks that Apple might be looking to create some games to make the iTV more fun.

As Mac stands for the Dreamer, the Creative, the Inspired -- so do Serious Games!