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Serious Games Development By GamePipe

Via GamePipe

The mission of the GamePipe Laboratory is interdisciplinary research, development & education on technologies and design for the future of interactive games and their application. This ranges from developing the supporting technologies for increasing the complexity & innovation in produced games, to developing serious & entertainment games for government & corporate sponsors.

Serious Games Development

This course is an advanced team-based development course where teams of 3+ students work on a collaborative Serious Gaming project(s) during the semester. Student will work to research and develop applications of interactive technology that extend beyond the traditional videogame market, including: education, health, training, policy exploration, analytics, visualization, simulation, the arts, and therapy. The number and types of projects per semester will vary depending on the skills and serious game domain interests of the students.

Firescope Game

Firescope is a Real-Time Strategy game (RTS). Real-life Incident Commanders constantly receive information about the men and woman who are fighting on the front lines. The Incident Commander (IC) must make quick decisions based on the requests of fellow fire units, the media, politicians and anybody else involved in the incident. He will have the help of engineers and other coworkers to make judgments about buildings on fire.

At its basic level, the user will constantly be interfacing with the GUI to check progress, receive requests, and use official checklist to make sure that he hasn't missed any operational procedures. A large emphasis will be placed on the speed of response and efficiency of resource usage. The player will use the resources to the best of their ability until they extinguish the fire or the fire becomes too dangerous to extinguish.