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Serious Games & Human Rights

Global Kids blogged about Mia Farrow's discussion in Second Life back on January 9, as anticipated on on my prior post Serious Games Event At The Infinite Mind Virtual Broadcast Center

Bill Lichtenstein, who served as moderator, has kindly advised me that the video is now available and that there is also a whole blog entitled Crisis in Darfur, featuring Second Life discussions on the genocide emergency in Darfur.

Bill Lichtenstein is an award-winning former investigative producer and founded Lichtenstein Creative Media, Inc in 1990. LCMedia’s productions include public radio and television programs, documentary films, educational videos and work in the emerging area of virtual worlds.

LCMedia produces The Infinite Mind, public radio’s most honored and listened to health and science program. Each week, the ten year-old series focuses on the latest developments in neuroscience and the biology of human behavior. The Infinite Mind airs in nearly 300 markets across the U.S. including five of the Top 10 cities.

LCM has extensive multimedia production, distribution and educational outreach experience, particularly with health, human rights and social justice issues.