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Serious Games: You As The Boss Of A Global Business

Virtual Business - Real Success! Create and run your own corporation in a virtual economy

IndustryPlayer is a most realistic and successful strategy game. You are the boss of a global business. Your success depends only on your management skills. Prepare for the supreme business challenge.

IndustryPlayer includes a free video tutorial that will guide you through your first steps as an virtual entrepreneur. In order to have you trained to do business on an international scale, the game runs on a global scale.

IndustryPlayer is the ultimate choice in multiplayer real time strategy and online tycoon simulation games. Enjoy the vibrant gamer community and chat with your opponents and friends while building your corporate empire. IndustryPlayer is free to try and costs a modest fee of USD 5 per level for continuous game play.

Getting Started

Start a new company - run your own business enterprise - build business skills - experience hostile takeovers and real time competition - use real industry data for market dominance.

" Good bye boss. See you tomorrow."