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Serious Games For Total Multiplication Mastery

Via: Big Brainz

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Big Brainz is pioneering an incredible new generation of educational video games—much like LeapFrog pioneered educational electronics. Their revolutionary approach to high-tech education combines advanced gaming technology, a patent-pending Education Engine™, and a new business model that lets them offer a free version to any child on the planet who can’t afford our premium product.

This remarkable strategy has already brought them over 150,000 users in 50 countries—all from just one title and their website, With numerous other products and distribution channels to develop, they’re hungry for making an immediate, visible impact.

Timez Attack is a tightly focused educational software program, cleverly disguised as a captivating video game. The game opens with the information that you have been kidnapped and locked deep underground in the dungeon of Ignorantz.

To escape, you must find the keys to a series of doors, and by-the-way, answer a times table math facts problem for each door.

To open the doors, you must also capture a number of creatures that hold math clues to help you build a solution to the equation on each door.

Then, after opening the door, the user is confronted by an ogre, robot, or other creature that challenges the user to quickly and accurately provide answers to a series of math problems based on material previously presented and mastered.

Want more of a challenge? Hand-eye-mouse coordination is as highly valued here, as in any video game. One wrong step, and you can fall off a ledge, stairs, or a moving gangplank, and have to retrace your steps.

Timez Attack illustrates the value of the numbers involved in each problem, then forces the user to capture and use the factors in the problem before solving it. This teaching is then reinforced with repetition that helps move learning from short-term memory to long-term memory.

The program keeps track of the user's answers, and forces the user to correctly answer more problems using numbers they have shown difficulty solving.