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Serious Games For Mental Workout

Via: Lumos Labs - A new company in the "brain fitness" business

Lumosity Brain Fitness: Brain Games and Memory Improvement

Lumosity is an engaging online course consisting of games and exercises scientifically proven to improve your attention, memory and processing speed.

Brain plasticity

The brain’s lifelong capacity for physical and functional change – is the core concept underlying the idea that actively exercising the brain can lead to healthier and better functioning brains. By regularly challenging our minds in new ways, we build up the biological and cognitive reserve necessary to always perform at our best.

Improvement in attention after completing the 5-week Lumosity program

Lumosity, a complete brain fitness program designed by cognitive neuroscientists, has been demonstrated to improve key cognitive functions including memory and attention. Lumosity’s games and exercises take advantage of the brain’s natural plasticity by pushing it to change and adapt in ways that exercise and enhance a wide variety of cognitive processes.

The Training Program

The easy to use program consists of thirty 15-minute training sessions of engaging games and exercises.

Games are scientifically designed to train and improve your memory, attention, processing speed and cognitive control.

The online program can be completed at your pace from any computer.

Fun is an essential component. Intelligent algorithms keep you entertained and challenged as you improve.

Receive personalized feedback specific to your progress. Users should begin seeing improvements before the end of the program.
Evaluate your improvement in each cognitive area and compare it to others if you desire.

After completing the program, you will have continued access to the brain training games. Brain health is a life-long process.

Get started!

Example: Visual Attention Exercise - Birdwatching

Birdwatching improves attention and the ability to process visual information. These abilities are important in many everyday activities including driving. The task gets progressively more challenging to accommodate your improvements in visual attention and processing speed.

How to Play

Identify as many birds as you can before running out of film.

A letter will flash briefly in the middle of the screen. Simultaneously, a bird will flash in the scenery.

Click on the location of the bird. A correct click will allow you to identify the letter.

Complete the bird name in as few tries as possible.

More accurate clicks earn higher points