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Serious Games In The Cultural Heritage Sector

The Virtual Experience Company was commissioned to build a real-time virtual reality model of the Bodleian. The model enables the exploration of the Old and New Bodleian Libraries, as well as the Clarendon Building and the Radcliffe Camera, which is probably one of Oxford’s most well-know buildings.

The Virtual Experience Company is one of the leading creators of virtual reality and 3D multimedia content in the Cultural Heritage sector.

Since its inception in 1999, The Virtual Experience Company has delivered inspiring virtual reality and multimedia interactives to some of the most iconic heritage sites in the UK and beyond.

Projects Sample

This special interactive was created to give visitors the chance to enter the world of Roman Colchester and look closely at some of Colchester Museum's amazing objects.

The Virtual Experience Company constructed this virtual model, enabling visitors to explore the fine details of Shaftesbury Abbey -- since all that remains today are the excavated foundations and fragments from the once-splendid Abbey.

Whitehall - The Virtual Experience Company came up with an extremely cost-effective way to enable the house to be explored, using specially designed software. This interactive was also designed to cater for visitors with little or no experience of using computers, touchscreens or other types of multimedia.

Serious Games Source reported earlier today that Blitz Games has acquired the Virtual Experience Company.

The acquisition will allow Blitz Games to “spearhead a new area of business” and work with museums, galleries and cultural organizations looking to bring digitals content to visitors.

The acquisition also plays favorably in Blitz Games' plans for the Serious Game Market as well. The company is applying its technology towards game development in the serious games space, primarily through a program funded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry designed to develop serious game prototypes and metrics to measure their effectiveness.

The first virtual experience to be launched as part of this acquisition will debut at the Museums on the Web Conference in San Francisco in April 2007.

“This partnership brings the fantastic visuals and engaging, interactive and multi-player gameplay you get with video games to sectors that are increasingly interested in connecting with a digitally enabled generation,” commented Virtual Experience Company founder Mike Gogan.