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BrainPOP and Promethean : Serious Games For An Active Classroom


Promethean Announces Partnership with BrainPOP

Atlanta, June 22, 2007 -- Promethean, a global leader in interactive learning, announced an exciting new partnership with BrainPOP, the world's leading producer of online, animated educational content for grades K-12.

Both sites' content will be optimized to integrate seamlessly with Promethean Activclassroom technology, allowing teachers to develop and deliver more dynamic, engaging and effective lessons.

Using Promethean and BrainPOP together provides the resources that any teacher needs to engage interest, meet learning styles and differentiate instruction for all students," said Jill Meeker, a Fulton County, GA elementary school teacher who uses both technologies in her classroom. "I know the impact of this partnership will be tremendous.

"For the first time, BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP EspaƱol and all combo and premium packages will be available as part of a "bundle" sold alongside Promethean products and on Promethean's new eCommercial portal. BrainPOP will also continue selling directly to schools, districts, teachers and families.

"The partnership between our two companies provides the best of both worlds," said Mark Elliott, President of Promethean, Inc., who described the collaboration as part of Promethean's ongoing commitment to give teachers the most effective tools for improving student engagement. "BrainPOP's award-winning educational content delivered on the Promethean Activboard keeps students enthusiastic and interested in the lessons, which results in an increase in participation and knowledge."

BrainPOP, geared toward grades 3-12, provides more than 650 curriculum-based movies spanning seven subjects: Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Health, Arts and Music and Technology. BrainPOP Jr., designed specifically for grades K-3, consists of movies, quizzes, games, lessons and printables on Science, Health, Writing, Reading, Social Studies and Math.

All animated topics are developed in accordance with national education standards (NCTM, NSES and NCTE).