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Serious Games For Second Chance Trees Reforestation Project

Via: Second Chance Trees and and The Click Heard Round the World

Second Chance Trees, conceived, designed and developed by Converseon in support of its project partner Plant-It 2020, utilizes the power of social media to support proper planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible.

The Second Chance Trees Reforestation Project is centered on an island designed to replicate real rainforest fauna and wildlife. Visitors to the island can learn about the planet's endangered rainforests while exploring hidden caves, riding along the river, and participating in multi-media educational information about the dangers of deforestation.

Visitors can then choose among one of ten realistically simulated tree species "sims" purchase and plant the tree within designated Second Life areas. The 300 Linden purchase (the equivalent of approximately one US dollar at current exchange rates) triggers the planting of the same species of tree in a "real world" ecologically sensitive region. For each virtual tree purchased and planted, a corresponding tree will be planted in needed regions including Costa Rica, Brazil and other endangered rainforest environments.

The project was conceived to demonstrate the power of today's emerging meta-verses in providing educational and highly immersive socially responsible activities. The act of an individual choosing and planting a specific tree species in a 3-D rainforest environment with contextually embedded educational elements provides a deeper and rich engagement experience than simply "writing a check." The project allows users to "virtually" participate in the specific socially responsible activity either individually or within and among communities.

At a time when global environmental challenges require enlightened, interconnected social movements driven through the use of emerging technologies, we hope that you will join us in our support of the Second Chance Trees Reforestation Project.

Second Chance Trees a finalist in Amex $5 million challenge

The Second Chance Trees initiative has been selected as one of 50 finalists in a competition sponsored by American Express called "The Members Project." If Second Chance Trees wins the competition, they could get up to $5 million, which would fund millions of trees. Amex card holders can vote for Second Chance .

There's a YouTube video that explains the Second Chance initiative, but of course it's best to teleport in and check it out yourself in-world. Buy a few trees while you're there.