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YDreams: Serious Games For An Interactive Future

YDreams is a Portuguese technology solutions provider founded in June 2000 by internationally renowned specialists in information technology, telecommunications, image processing, geographic information systems and environmental engineering.

The company develops pioneering, patent-pending technology in a variety of fields, namely spatial data mining, interactive media, augmented reality and pervasive gaming. YDreams develops products, customized solutions and services for four major markets, through independent divisions: Advertising, Entertainment, Education and Culture and Environment.

YDreams' products have drawn broad attention in Portugal and abroad with a simple premise: persistently break new ground in the use of interaction to seamlessly mix virtual and real environments – boosting customer experience, product perception and brand value.

YDreams Advertising

The Interactive Platform for Nokia N95 lets users explore the Nokia N95’s unique characteristics through simple and intuitive hand gestures. sleek sensor bar picks up on horizontal and vertical hand movements, triggering an immersive projection of the multimedia device.

The Vodafone Cube allows users to interact and play using two integrated interfaces: their mobile phones and the Cube´s display. Every time a visitor calls a number shown on the display, the call is routed through a digital audio switchboard to a 3D server. Once connected, users join a live game where up to six players can go at it in real-time multiplayer contests.

The Interactive Toyota Showroom - YDreams created a dynamic, media-rich environment featuring three products for the Toyota showroom: yStoreWindow, yWalk Toyota and a yMobile Bluetooth system.

Vodafone WOW Stores - A Virtual Promoter, triggered by the motion sensors, greets clients and invites them to browse the interactive multimedia products and services catalogue.

YDreams Education & Culture

- Reducing the barriers between people and knowledge

YDreams crafted a series of interactive experiences that bring playing and learning together for Delta Café's new After-school Activity center.

London's recent Museums & Heritage Show saw the launch by YDreams of a range of interactive furniture.

The aim of the new collection is to redefine the way visitors interact with knowledge and information at cultural venues.

Explaining, Edmundo Nobre, YDreams Vice-President and Head of the Education & Culture division said: "Our goal is to create immersive explorations spaces where technology reduces the barriers between people and knowledge.

“Interactive furniture combines our technology and intuitive interfaces - meaning no wires, buttons or keyboards in sight - creating an experience that is more enriching and fun."

Interactive Furniture is comprised of products such as the DisplayCase, which lets visitors visualize detailed information about encased objects by simply tapping the display window, or Interactive Benches, which create content-rich rest areas in cultural venues.

Other examples include the Magic Book, a virtual book activated by hand gestures; the Interactive Table, a projection system which visitors interact with via physical markers; and the multi-use Frame, created - amongst other possibilities - to support movement interaction and augmented reality.

Antonio Camara's Bio

Antonio Camara is the CEO of YDreams and Professor at the New University of Lisbon. He has a PhD from Virginia Tech and was a Post-Doc at MIT. Antonio Camara has been a Visiting Professor at Cornell University and MIT.

He is the author of Environmental Systems, A Multidimensional Approach published by Oxford University Press and more than seventy refereed papers. He advised twenty five PhD students and thirty five MSc students. Antonio Camara was a Senior Adviser for the National Geographic Information System project (the first spatial data infrastructure available on Internet) and Senior Consultant for Expo98 (the World Fair held in Lisbon).