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Serious Games For Diversity and Inclusion

Via: PIXELearning and Global Lead

PIXELearning, object of my very first posting on "Serious Games", are in the process of developing a very extensive training simulation in partnership with Global Lead.

The project is being sponsored by a large US retail bank and a large US-based convenience food chain.

The simulation is designed to foster a wider awareness of diversity and inclusion issues and to enable staff at all levels to be able to apply this knowledge in their commercial environment to deliver clear business benefits.

Global Lead, "Diverse by Design", provides services in a broad range of human resource topics, Diversity being one of their focus areas.

PIXELearning are moving

PIXELearning will be packing it’s bags and making the short journey to the new Serious Games Institute (SGI), in early September.

The ‘SGI’ will host several companies working in the field of serious games.

This project aims to bring together the expertise of Coventry University, Warwick University and Henley FE College to support the diversification of the games industry into the Serious Games market.

The Serious Games Institute will act as a national and international flagship for the region, as a leader in the development of the emerging Serious Games sector, as well as supporting the development of a viable new business sector in the CSW HTC.

A number of key business partners from the games sector will be involved in its operation: they will facilitate access to the technology test bed for companies seeking diversification into Serious Games, offer business mentoring and be involved with specialist workshops and seminars.