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Serious Games For Primary And Early Years

Via: Riverdeep Interactive Learning

Founded in Dublin in 1995, Riverdeep Interactive Learning has offices in Ireland, the UK and the US. Their Web-based and CD-ROM solutions can be found in more than 45,000 schools in over 20 countries worldwide. In April 2003, Riverdeep became a private entity.

Riverdeep in the UK

Riverdeep UK Limited is the operational and sales UK business based in Manchester. Riverdeep UK provides bespoke educational products developed specifically for The National Curriculum and UK schools, including training and technical support.

The Riverdeep Family

Destination Success from Riverdeep Interactive Learning is a series of comprehensive curriculum courseware modules that cover key elements of the national Numeracy and Literacy curriculum.

Destination Success is also fully referenced to the Maths and Language Scottish 5-14 curriculum, the Northern Ireland and Welsh curriculum.
Resources are available from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 2 in Literacy and Foundation Stage to KS4 in Maths.

Destination Literacy


This flexible and comprehensive literacy content introduces and reinforces key concepts based on the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Literacy curriculum.

This engaging and motivating content helps young children to learn phonics; phonemic awareness; vocabulary and develop reading comprehension skills. This content also provides children with a wide range of authentic fiction and non-fiction texts. Topics based on age-related learning activities form a large bank of content providing teachers with flexible learning resources for class and individual use by young children.

Key Stage 1
Destination Maths

Available in individual courses from Foundation through to Key Stage 4, Destination Maths provides an essential ICT resource that is designed to underpin the delivery of the curriculum - either front-of-class or on a one-to-one basis.

Destination Maths: Foundation and Key Stage 1 introduces and supports the teaching of key mathematical concepts through a comprehensive on-line learning resource.


Key Stage 1

Destination Maths: Key Stage 2/3 Transition. Linked to the National Numeracy Strategy learning objectives, the content is designed to provide support for pupils in transition between primary and secondary.

In Destination Maths: Key Stage 4 Algebra Plus, pupils continue their study of numbers and operations by exploring ratios, proportions, and irrational numbers and begin a study of algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.

You can experience the online demos or request a free 30 day trial.