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Serious Games: You As The Boss Of A Global Business - Update

Via: Tycoon Systems - IndustryPlayer Masters- Business Strategy Game 

Following my previous post "Serious Games: You As The Boss Of A Global Business", dated February 2007, the latest, free trial version of the game is available for download.

IndustryPlayer is a complex and challenging online business simulation game that makes it fun and exciting to engage in corporate competition.

The goal of this game is to maximize your market share and wealth. IndustryPlayer uses actual industry data and allows its ca. 150,000 worldwide players to simulate real business conditions in a real-time, interactive environment.

Latest Versions History

Since my prior posting, a few improvements have been introduced such as taking into account the greenhouse gas emissions.

The new version 5.40 includes re-adjusted econometrics to increase the competitive dynamics in all industry sectors.

About The Game

The goal is to maximize the share price while investing a variable amount of seed capital in a corporation with an unlimited number of product lines. The simulation plays out dynamically, based on all participants decisions.

Price wars, fierce battles for market dominance, hostile takeovers, dynamic credit ratings, volatile market trends, crippling interest rates for the careless and predator Corporate Trusts are just some of the hazards in the jungle of business tycoonery, through which IndustryPlayer CEO's must steer their empires.

There are 10 levels with 120 turns each. Gameplay is infinite, with the option to go back and start again to improve upon the previous cycle's financial performance and record a higher score.

But it's not all about the bottom line. Corporate Social Responsibility is a serious cost factor when building a global business empire. Your CSR rating is ranked according to your regard for people and resources.
By joining other companies and pooling resources to reduce production costs, and strengthening market positions, corporate collaborators learn the value of networking and negotiation.

IndustryPlayer Masters is made for business students that want to attend an online MBA crash course. It’s skill training for virtual entrepreneurs and an addictive online game for serious strategy gamers.

About Tycoon Systems

Tycoon Systems develops business simulation technologies with a specific focus on educational business games for entrepreneurs and business students.

They believe games and game technology are poised to transform the way we educate and train students at all levels. Education and information, skill training, even political and religious beliefs can be communicated via video games. But these games and repurposed game technology, collectively called "serious games," have yet to be fully embraced by educators.