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Serious Gaming With Better Viewing Experiences

Via: Microvision - Better Viewing Experiences from Mobile Devices

Microvision is working with business partners to enable better viewing experiences for users of mobile devices. The small screens of today’s devices limits our ability to imagine, entertain, and share.

Pico Projector (PicoP) - Mobile Projection

Pico Projector Displays

With Microvision's PicoP display the images work on flat as well as curved surfaces. PicoP is an ultra miniature projection module capable of producing full color, high-resolution images but small enough and low power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices such as cell phones, portable media players, digital cameras, portable computers and more.

Below are application scenarios for accessory and embedded projectors that use Microvision's PicoP display engine. These scenarios span environments, device types, and demographics, further illustrating the need to break through the display bottleneck.

Portable Play Display

Personal Projection

Conference Anywhere

Wearable Displays: Mobile Device Eyewear

Mobile device eyewear, currently in the initial development phase, would combine Microvision's ultraminiature PicoP display engine with special optics that are embedded into fashionable or protective eyeglasses.

The information being displayed in the eyewear optics would originate in the mobile device and arrive at the eyeglasses through a wired or wireless connection.

The mobile device eyewear viewing experience could be completely see through, providing the wearer with a visual information overlay, while not losing awareness of their surroundings. Or, the viewing experience could be occluded, offering the wearer an immersive, visual experience where the wearer purposefully escapes their immediate surroundings.