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Incredible Box: Play Serious Games!

Via: Incredible Box

The Incredible Expanding Box™ was born from a simple idea, to build a media powerhouse that would realize and manage ideas into the marketplace.

Established in 2006 by Dan Clapson, Incredible Box™ aims its sights high to produce commercially successful and well-respected media.

Incredible Box™ is the customer facing brand name of The Incredible Expanding Box™. They use the Incredible Sims Toolkit™ to cost-effectively train staff. This toolkit allows to realistically simulate real-life environments, processes and work-flow.

Fire Safety is the latest addition to the Incredible Sims Toolkit™. You can now simulate the effects of all types of fire and smoke, to train personnel in the appropriate use of fire prevention equipment and exit procedures. Brochure and demonstration available on request.

Example: Electrical FireUsing an appropriate carbon dioxide extinguisher, personnel can learn how to control a localised electrical fire.