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Realius: Serious Games For Homeowner Life Cycle

Via: Realius Inc - Realius to unleash Fantasy Real Estate™ at TechCrunch40 conference

Realius, Inc. announced today that it will demo its Fantasy Real Estate™ application – a suite of web-based casual games that follow consumers throughout the homeownership lifecycle – at the TechCrunch40 Conference.

Realius captures the synergies between the enormous popular interest in casual gaming and Americans’ obsession with real estate,” said Realius CEO Chuck Teller “Our games engage consumers as they dream about, search for, buy, furnish, remodel and sell their homes in ways that are incredibly fun – but also instructive.”

Realius’ Fantasy Real Estate games use real-world data to drive the games. Realius has some big plans and cool ideas; it will be really interesting to see how things unfold. A significant update to their first game Price Me Now™ will be available soon. 

The very first post on the Realius blog explains just one of the intriguing values of their approach:

“I wished I could have played with my ideas to better understand the market before cutting the real check. As a result, we are designing Realius Fantasy Real Estate™ games to follow the homeowner life cycle so that we can have fun with real estate and learn in the process of playing games. The premise is - if you are good at Fantasy Real Estate™, you’ll be good at reality real estate.”

Realius’ games rely on real-world real estate data and listings. As time goes on and more games are developed, local search and geo-aware data will become more and more important.

Scott Kucirek, general manager of Prudential California Realty, one of the nation’s largest real estate companies, says “Real estate brokerages are struggling to connect with consumers online and Realius has the potential to solve that problem.” Kucirek continues, “Realius games are entertaining, addictive and educational for consumers but also provide companies in our industry with an entirely new way to think about customer engagement.”

Other Realius games forthcoming include Fantasy Flip™, which lets homeowners get community insight for various improvements they make by modifying photos of their homes, and Major League Investor™, which pits players against one another as they build fantasy portfolios.

About Realius

Realius builds games that emulate real world cycles. The company's games are built upon consumer perceptions, fantasies, and real world statistics. Realius employs revenue models including application licensing fees, in-game sponsorship, referrals and market analytics.

The company maintains a destination site  and also works closely with partner companies in the real estate brokerage, home furnishings, home improvement and design industries. The company is privately held and based in Berkeley, California.