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Via: Next Window - NextWindow's Optical Touch Screen Technology

NextWindow is a leading designer and developer of optical touch screens.
NextWindow's optical imaging technology is both streamlined and simple. As a result, computer touch can be incorporated for a very low unit cost into almost any electronic device that uses a flat screen.

NextWindow's optical technology is universally applicable and uniquely scaleable - enabling touch screen applications from 12" (304.8 mm) to 120" (3048 mm).

NextWindow's touchscreen technology is used by leading companies around the world and across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, tourism, retail, real estate and public information.

Major applications include digital signage, directory information and wayfinding, wildlife exhibits, retail displays, digital whiteboards, interactive education, trade shows, real estate advertising, exhibitions, and many more.

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to add value to their customer solutions by incorporating additional functionality - NextWindow's interactive touch technology provides a capability far beyond that of static display screens.Below some of the creative touchscreen solutions implemented by our customers.

Digital Signage

Digital signs combine high-impact, dynamic displays with interactive content. Customers can browse through the topics on offer by selecting directly on the large, vibrant display screen. Limited only by the creativity of the software, digital signage is an exciting form of advertising that far surpasses the capability of static displays.

Vodafone Live Display, New Zealand

NextWindow's optical touch technology is used to create interactive digital signs for a wide range of advertising purposes world-wide.
Digital signage can be centrally controlled, providing great flexibility and speed of update for target-driven advertising.

Directory and Wayfinding

Whether in city streets or inside malls or buildings, touch sensitive information displays are extremely attractive and informative for the public.

Information Hub, Melbourne, Australia

Locations such as airports, malls and exhibition halls can be bewildering for visitors, and asking directions or obtaining information can be difficult. Interactive directory and wayfinding displays quickly and efficiently provide the navigation information visitors need.

Sooner Mall, Oklahoma, USA

Exhibitions and Museums

NextWindow provides ideal touch screen solutions that allow users to self-navigate through featured interactive exhibits and discover the wealth of information provided.

Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Australia

The Immigration Museum, which is part of Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, has implemented this information kiosk using a NextWindow 2101 integrated touch frame.

By touching a region on a world map, you can display details of a country from which immigrants travelled to Australia.

Real Estate Interactive Solution

24-hour, secure advertising while the office is closed or the staff are busy.
With NextWindow's touch screen technology, buyers can access clutter-free listings from outside or inside the real estate premises.

Just Patterson Real Estate - Wellington, New Zealand

The through-glass option is perfect for 24/7 real estate advertising, because the electronics are securely installed within the building. Customers have fingertip control of the display from the outside surface of the glass.

With suitable software installed, customers can scan the houses for sale in the areas they are interested in, and access more detailed information at will.

MPRE, Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia

Education and Conference

Interactive touch technology helps to increase participative learning.


Vodafone New Zealand raised technology benchmark by deploying NextWindow touch screens to launch Vodafone Live!

In the United Kingdom, Vodafone deployed 350 interactive kiosks at retail outlets which simulated the Vodafone live! phone experience including games, email, news and webcam pictures. The kiosks proved an invaluable sales tool, giving customers the opportunity to research products and allowing sales staff to demonstrate the capabilities of the service.

Inspired by these successful interactive kiosks, Vodafone New Zealand looked to use kiosk technology in the local launch of Vodafone live!
Vodafone New Zealand selected NextWindow to develop and implement interactive Touch Screens to promote Vodafone live! in stores across New Zealand. The project was completed within a two month timeframe. Over half of the 122 kiosks are interactive and the remaining static kiosks will be upgraded over time.

Vodafone New Zealand Retail Display Unit

The NextWindow interactive kiosks include wireless modems enabling Vodafone to monitor and capture consumer trends.

NextWindow CEO, Al Monro says that Touch Screen technology provides an excellent marketing tool, connecting consumers directly to distribution channels. "They are both a medium and a channel, allowing you to sell and capture customer information at the same time."

Vodafone Live Display, New Zealand

Self-Service Ticketing Applications

Customers can navigate through events such as concerts or sports matches, select tickets themselves, and even purchase tickets using a virtual keyboard.

NextWindow's optical touch technology provides an alternative to having sales staff selling tickets behind counters. Customers can select events and tickets through interactive menus. Database-sourced information can be updated in real time, and high-quality graphic displays can be created for special promotions.

In addition to the main touch screen, NextWindow's technology allows off-screen touch sensitive areas where you can locate navigation buttons or icons that provide shortcuts to information at all times.