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Non-Industrial Robotics Sector Getting Closer To Serious Games

Via: Robo Development 2007 and Photos via CNET

Non-Industrial Robotics, A Market That Will Be Twice The Size Of The Industrial Robotics Sector By 2010.

The RoboDevelopment is the first technical event for the robotics industry that is focused on the design and development of commercial mobile robots and intelligent systems products.

An Under-served Market

To date, events covering technical design and development issues specific to robotics have fallen into two camps.

The first event type serves the industrial robotics market and covers information related to the programming of non-mobile, robotic ‘arms’ involved with manufacturing operations in highly structured factory floor environments.

The second type of robotics technical events are academic conferences. While academic robotics conferences are not specifically dedicated to design and development issues per se, they often include design and development sessions within them.

While industrial robotics events serve their market, they offer little to those seeking technical information for the non-industrial robotics sectors, a market that studies indicate will be twice the size of the industrial robotics market by 2010, and almost 4X its size by 2025.

Academic events target small, narrow niches, providing quality content and good networking opportunities (although with a small number of people), but at the expense of branding, marketing and sales opportunities for robotics solution providers and the personal, service and mobile robotics market as a whole.

The Robo Development Conference and Exposition emphasizes the design and development of commercially viable personal, service and intelligent mobile robotics products - products that are to be used outside of laboratory environments and sold at a profit.

If you want a gambling buddy who is programmed not to cheat, then this is the robot for you. National Instruments has created a robot that can play dice with you and tell who won.

Serious Games and Personal Robotics - Engineering for a New Industry

The personal, service and mobile robotics markets have now reached a critical stage and are poised for rapid, dramatic growth.

The RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition will provide technical professionals with the real-world solutions and actionable content they need to design, develop and manufacture the next generation of robotics products that will come to define this exciting new industry.

The need to develop the next generation of commercial mobile robotics and intelligent systems products may well surface the synergy with the emerging Serious Games market.

Zeno, an interactive robot, can walk and talk with children through wireless PC controls, and has his own moods