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Online Idea Competition For A Fitness-Focused Serious Game

Via: Ruckus Nation - An Online Idea Competition To Get Kids Moving 

The nonprofit group HopeLab, who last year designed Re-Mission, a downloadable game for kids with cancer, has just launched its next initiative, an online idea competition titled Ruckus Nation.

Ruckus Nation challenges participants to create a video game concept or high-tech product idea that will increase physical activity among middle-school-aged kids, ages 11 to 14. More than $300,000 in prizes will be awarded. HopeLab will support the development, testing and distribution of products based on the best ideas.

Individuals and teams of up to six people can register at the Ruckus Nation website until October 15, with registration limited to 1,000 teams who then have until November 20 to submit their ideas online. Semifinalists will be announced in February, with winners being called out the following month in March.

“Ruckus Nation is catalytic. Great ideas will be transformed into real products that get kids moving,” said HopeLab President Pat Christen. “Experience tells us that combining great ideas with top-notch research leads to innovative solutions.”

Reactrix Systems Inc. To Promote The Competition Across US

Reactrix Systems, Inc., the leading interactive out-of-home advertising and entertainment media company, also announced its partnership with HopeLab.
Reactrix has launched its partnership with HopeLab at Digital Life 2007 in New York, September 27-30, 2007, and will employ interactive gameplay technology across its network in malls, movie theaters and other public places to promote the competition across the United States, as a way to improve kids health.

The Reactrix advertising network allows the public to engage with brands featured on displays throughout public locations in a fun, interactive way. Its breakthrough technology projects vivid, high-definition digital images that instantly respond as people walk by or gesture over the display. This interaction creates an immersive media experience that makes floors, walls and tabletops come to life. Reactrix has worked with companies like AOL, DaimlerChrysler, eBay and others, to create interactive ad campaigns in public areas where people can physically interact with the displays.

“Reactrix technology naturally inspires movement, inviting people to physically interact with the brands we display,” said Reactrix Chairman and CEO Mike Ribero. “Since Reactrix is an active medium, our partnership with HopeLab to promote the Ruckus Nation competition was a natural fit.”

“Ruckus Nation is about finding creative, fun ways to get kids moving,” said HopeLab Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Ellen LaPointe. “Reactrix is a fantastic example of how technology can encourage movement in a way that’s entertaining, and our partnership with Reactrix is an exciting way to raise awareness about Ruckus Nation.”