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Serious Games As 3D Workspaces

Via: - Virtual Universe For Internal Training

Tixeo and I-Maginer help to lower logistical constraints by providing an alternative to conference calls and live meeting with 3D workspaces.


TIXEO Soft. offers products and services for communication, cooperation and user interaction through shared workspaces. It is located in Montpellier, in the South of France, which is the French hi-tech sunbelt.

Tixeo Soft.'s collaboration with French IT research centers has led to a first software WorkSpace3D which brings an original solution to the groupware market.

WorkSpace3D enables voice and video communication, viewing and editing documents, application sharing, co-browsing, drawing on a white board, etc. It provides these applications in virtual 3D environments that can be entirely customized. Each user is shown as a virtual character (avatar), sees through this character's eyes and interacts with 3D applications.

The third dimension allows to create virtual workspaces, to make them more user-friendly and accessible.The users know intuitively "who" is doing "what", "where" and "how. Collaboration is thus more effective and productivity increases, even if the workers are geographically remote.


I-Maginer is a company that develops 3D real-time web solutions serving knowledge and collaborative work technologies: virtual, collaborative environments.

These solutions all use the same 3D real-time, multi-user web technology: the SCOL language. A technology based on the concept of real-time communication: users are inter-connected, can see each other, communicate and move around in these environments, thus forming a community. This technology uses virtual reality to improve usability and aesthetics but also to surpass reality via simulation or creation.

Web Conference 3D: Collaborative Communication and Work

I-Maginer: MyBlog3D

What about making a blog in which the reader would feel like home… like in your home. That’s what I-maginer proposes with MyLife3D.

With this interface, you can:
  • Create your own environment ( remove / add object, change the furnitures etc)
  • Choose your own character
  • Dialog with visitor ( chat, VoIP)
  • Broadcast any media (photo, video, audio)
  • organize multi-user games in a virtually enriched environment
MyLife3D is a solution for absolutely everybody, easy to use, friendly, so popular with both teenagers and adults.

It is used to develop new spaces of freedom and imagination; to meet, exchange opinions, play, share; to explore new virtual worlds; to communicate in real-time in a 3D environment that's entertaining, comfortable, interactive and friendly, promoting direct and accessible communication.