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Serious Games Helping Advance Technology In Biology Education

Via: Genomics Digital Lab: Plant Cells

Genomics Digital Lab: Plant Cellsis the first in a series of GDL games, modules, and interactive simulations covering an array of topics in biology. GDL: Plant Cells, is an interactive game/lab about plants and how to keep them alive.

GDL: Plant Cells is an amazing tool to help begin talking about plants and why they are so important to us.

It is an interactive laboratory that allows students to alter the environment around a plant, zoom in and out of the major plant cell organelles, and use what they learn to figure out how to make the dying plant survive and thrive.

The software is divided into three modules allowing you to learn from the perspective of the mitochondria, chloroplast or nucleus, while at the same time, reinforcing the "Genomic" concept that organelles are linked and dependant on each other.

From within the depth of a plant cell you will explore yjr chloroplast (the plant sugar's-factory)...

... the mitochondria (the plant's sugar furnace)...

... and the nucleus ( the control center).

GDL plant cells is great for everyone, but the accompanying teaching assets are geared for students grades 7 to 12. It has been designed alongside school curriculum and can be played at home and in the classroom.

Genomics Explorer

In August 2007, GDL was premiered in the Genomics Explorer exhibit, built and hosted by Purdue University at the Indiana State Fair.

Genomics Explorer is a museum-style exhibit that introduces people to genomics, plants & plant cells, agriculture, and what it all means to us.

The exhibit features hands-on activities, a DNA diner, and a walk through plant cell.