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Adobe Serious Games Whitepaper By Anne Derryberry

Via: I'm Serious Net

Anne Derryberry, over I’m Serious.Net Blog, has made available for download and distribution her whitepaper for Adobe Systems on serious games:
Serious Games: Online Games for Learning” (Adobe PDF format).

Anne is a Learning Architect for "Serious Games", online learning games, simulations and virtual worlds. She works with learning organizations, game developers, tools developers, and analysts as learning architect, advisor, consultant, and industry observer.

Anne says her "fascination as a designer is with group experience and how groups learn in virtual environments, especially through games. Group in this context does not mean a collection of people whose individual statistics are aggregated together. Groups, or cohorts, are a collection of people who are identified in advance and for whom the experience is intended."

She defends the idea that for serious games to gain wide-spread adoption, commercial developers will need to figure out how to make money in this space. To do that, design and business minds must wrestle with the ever more pressing problem of how to make learning and meaningful play into profitable and sustainable business.