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Gaming's Most Influential Outsiders Include Serious Games Groundbreakers

Via: Educational Games Research

Next Generation has recently published an article entitled, “Gaming’s 30 Most Influential Outsiders", categorized by the field they are most closely associated with: Entertainers in Other Mediums, Politicos, Academics and Engineers. Under the Academics group, three out of six so-called "outsiders" are (I'm glad to acknowledge) Serious Games ground breakers.

Each group brings something different. The academics bring new uses for games. The engineers and scientists bring the technologies that drive the limits of game creation. The entertainers bring innovations from other mediums and greater visibility. The politicians bring the specter of regulation, but also ensure the industry’s continuing responsibility. In this era of the rampant growth and the proliferation of the “casual gamer,” (I would have added "Serious Gamer") these outside forces have become more prominent than ever.

The article states that, as huge and insular as the video gaming industry may be, it’s still susceptible to the influence of external cultural, political and social forces. In this huge feature, Next-Gen takes a look at the most important individuals driving these forces.

The following rules were used when considering people for inclusion:

• The figure cannot be primarily associated with any publisher, developer, or industry body. Figures primarily associated with game consumer advocacy groups and other bodies that exist specifically for a video game-related purpose were also excluded.
• They cannot work for any enthusiast publication or industry trade journal (one-off editorials describing his or her outside viewpoint did not count to this requirement)
• They cannot be aligned primarily with the “indie scene,” which for the sake of this analysis is being considered (whether accurately or inaccurately) as part of the games industry culture.