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Finding The Right Serious Games Solutions For Corporate Training

Via: TrainingPort Strategies

TrainingPort has one primary purpose – to help organizations find the right solutions for utilizing simulations and games for learning within their current and future environments.

Most organizations have existing courses, programs and legacy systems which they would like to “convert” to a delivery system that is more in tune with the next generation’s methods, ideas and learning styles...

TrainingPort facilitates this process by helping the organization understand the method of using simulation, computer games, extreme learning programs and other new technologies with the related commitment for costs, time and other constraints.

TrainingPort was founded in 2006, in response to a clear need perceived by Founder and CEO Joseph Biglin.

Through his 27 years of corporate training experience he recognized that many corporations, institutions, and government organizations were aware of a pressing need for creating training, development and education for the up and coming next generation employees...

At the same time, it was not always easy for them to understand the breadth and depth of the process for utilizing simulations and games to meet their training needs.

Finding the right solutions for the job is where TrainingPort’s expertise makes a difference. Comprised of a solid core of software and training industry veterans, TrainingPort team members are skilled professionals, who have nearly three decades of experience in the design and development of Corporate Training programs, simulations and computer games. They have not only used training tools and software – they have also created them.

At the upcoming iLunch 6.03: Time to Get Serious About Serious Games?, to be held on Friday, February 1, 2008 @ The Gladstone Hotel, in Ontario, Joe Biglin, co-founder of BreakAway, Ltd and TrainingPort Strategies, will discuss the future of Serious Games - how business models are changing, the definition of what a Serious Game is, and the further integration with and impact on culture and education.

Moderator:Gary Woodill Ed.D., Director of Research and Analysis, Brandon Hall Research.

Panelists: Michael Gibson, President,
Zapdramatic, Nick Taylor, PhD Candidate, York University's Faculty of Education and Jeremy Friedberg , Founder of vive Technologies and Partner of Spongelab Interactive.