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Serious Games For The Offshore Energy Industry

Via: Offshore Safety Initiative

The Offshore Safety Initiative utilizes state of the art computer gaming technology, graphics, and designs to implement a safety training tool for the Offshore Energy industry.

This tool / system will allow Health Safety and Environment departments to track and monitor an individuals understanding and implementation of company safety procedures and rules.

OSI provides Virtual Environment Training using PC game technology (VETPC), also called Game Based Learning (GBL). This utilizes modern 3D game systems, based primarily on commercial PC technologies, to provide intelligent interactive multimedia training in a cost effective package.

The U.S. Military is currently funding multiple new VETPC/GBL programs for battlefield simulation, allowing the deployment of ample quantities of training programs for use on inexpensive personal computer systems.

This project seeks to help bring this same innovation to the offshore drilling industry.

Unlike safety training videos, the Offshore Safety Initiative project is focused on keeping the user’s attention and providing supervisors with measurable performance tracking. The program brings the trainee into a familiar 3D world where they will perform their day-to-day tasks with an emphasis on following corporate safety procedures.

By monitoring and correcting behavior within the simulation, the trainee can readily make the association of their actions/in-actions with their associated consequences; in graphic detail, where necessary.

This new level of safety awareness can, quite easily, transfer into their performance on their real job.

Primary benefits of implementing this program are the personal statistics and performance logs of all trainees participating. Areas requiring focus, along with progress being made, can be presented summarily and individually, providing HS and E departments with valuable data on employee understanding of safety issues BEFORE they result in lost time, or serious accidents.