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Serious Games & Virtual Worlds Making The News

Via: iVinnie - The Virtual World News Network

iVinnie aggregates news of virtual worlds, MMORPGs, 3D-Web, and more… the trends, people, and technology that are the future.

Listed as one of the "Top Ten Products, Ideas and Trends of 2007" by Business 2.0 Magazine, " is the only source for news on all virtual worlds.

This is quickly becoming the go to resource to get caught up on the latest news from this rapidly expanding segment of the Internet economy.

iVinnie Virtual Worlds Blog Network

iVinnie is proud to showcase the talent and expertise of a rapidly growing list of bloggers who are recognized and highly credible in virtual worlds, MMORPGs, 3-D web, Web 2.0, social networks, corporate branding, education, and SciTech.

These blogs are about the present and future of the Internet and how to benefit from the riches of both. Here is where you’ll find the best experts, the most innovative concepts; thinkers and achievers on a global scale. We urge you to post comments, create a dialogue, share with others, and become an important part of this information feedback loop.

This Blog Network offers both iVinnie hosted blogs, and blogs they are proud to point to and include in the ever growing information about our online lives. They welcome the best bloggers.

Please contact to either begin a new blog for us or to have us point to your existing blog.

Association of Virtual Worlds

The Association of Virtual Worlds is where virtual worlds and the people who share the vision come together. We—the creators, corporations, entrepreneurs, businesses, developers, educators, futurists, inhabitants, researchers and governments are part of a multi-billion dollar industry representing hundreds of millions of members.

This Internet industry segment is growing at lightning speed where capabilities and technology occur in the blink of an eye. Though each world and everyone associated with virtual worlds is unique, there are common goals and issues that draw us together.

The Association for Virtual Worlds is where we all meet.

The rapid growth of virtual worlds has resulted in issues and questions that need to be considered and addressed by the industry as a whole. Global regulatory issues, taxation, intellectual property, safety, marketing, technology and virtual economies are all coming to the forefront and will have massive implications. They need to be discussed and the Association will lead the conversation.

In this formative stage of the Association, they are accepting membership by invitation. If you are an industry leader with a passion to help shape the impact of the next big thing, please contact:

Edita Kaye

FounderAssociation of Virtual Worlds

Susan Shears Pitman

Executive DirectorAssociation of Virtual Worlds

Tina Kicklighter

Media DirectorAssociation of Virtual Worlds