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Caspian Learning Encouraging Mass Engagement With Serious Games

Free Download of Thinking Worlds™ 2 for Global Student and Teacher Community to Support Learning and Creativity Across the Curriculum


Caspian Learning Promotes Serious Games in Schools Worldwide with Donation

Caspian Learning, a pioneer of "Serious Games", yesterday announced it is offering students and teachers free downloads of Thinking Worlds™ version 2.

The aim is to remove as many barriers to learning as possible and encourage mass engagement with Serious Games.

Thinking Worlds™ allows teachers and learners alike to create and easily edit their own 3D worlds, characters and subject areas to form their own game-based learning experience. Once downloaded, teachers and students will have free access to an extensive library of content and 3D assets to populate their game. Games and 3D worlds will be available covering a wide range of subjects including English, maths, science, and the humanities.

Thinking Worlds™ version 2 offers teachers and students the flexibility and toolset to start playing, editing and creating their own simple 3D serious games through a user friendly interface. It offers some of the elements of Caspian’s core engine that it uses to develop bespoke simulations for the corporate training sectors.

Sunderland CLC was the first to use the tool to educate a group of 14-15 year old students about bullying. Andy Williams, Centre Manager, Sunderland CLC comments: “The impact that this project has had on the children cannot be underestimated. Thinking Worlds™ has enabled children to develop applications for other children that are innovative, inspiring and most importantly, help them to learn.”

This game, called ‘A New Beginning’ has now been rolled out to 110 primary and secondary schools.

By giving as many teachers as possible easy access to the tool, Caspian hopes to encourage more teachers to become part of a fast growing global community using this technology to engage students with ‘hard to learn’ subject content and activities in the classroom.

Graeme Duncan, COO at Caspian Learn
ing concludes: “Performance simulations are proven methods of engaging younger students about tougher subjects that they often struggle with. By offering free downloads we want to encourage as many teachers and students as possible to try this form of teaching and learning to support traditional methods.”


Caspian Learning’s Thinking Worlds™ version 3 is also available to use in the development of bespoke solutions for education and training.

About Caspian Learning

Launched in 2002, Caspian Learning is a provider of 3D learning based games applications to the education, public sector and private industry. Caspian Learning combines research into learning and memory processes with the interactivity and engagement benefits offered by 3D computer games technologies. The outputs are highly advanced eLearning applications for computer-based teaching. Caspian Learning can take content from any subject area and utilise its technology to create specific learning applications within a tailored 3D games based environment.