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Serious Games @ Will Interactive: Play It Before You Live It Out

Just 2 Days (Ages 11-17) opens in a school parking lot, where an argument between two boys escalates into a deadly clash. Players go back in time and make decisions for four different characters in an attempt to change the events.

Via: Will Interactive - Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS)

WILL Interactive, Inc. (WILL) was incorporated in 1994 and soon uncovered a growing unmet demand for nonviolent, socially-responsible video games. To meet that need, WILL developed and patented its “Interactive Behavior Modification System,” a methodology for creating computer-based interactive movie virtual experiences that combine education, training and entertainment.

WILL is the pioneer developer of computer-based full-screen, full-motion interactive movies known as Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®) that allow people to become the lead characters in movies, make real-life decisions, alter storylines and change outcomes simply by clicking a mouse.

You take real-life risks, and experience the consequences of your actions in the safety of cyberspace.

VEILS® is a new media technology/ methodology that produces engaging and fun experiential learning programs.

Creating computer-based interactive movie virtual experiences is what WILL does best. No one else has shown WILL’s ability to combine video art with computer science into such dynamite products.

Products Overview - Youth Education

Generation Rx (Ages 12-18), object of my prior post Serious Game To Address Drug Abuse In Children, was created in cooperation with Kentucky River Community Care. In Generation RX, your choices have the power to win you respect, knowledge, satisfaction and the foundation for a good life. You also have the power to lose...almost everything

Hate Comes Home (Ages 14-18) begins with the Homecoming dance no school should ever experience: two students are killed in a hate crime committed by other students.

Four students hold the keys to a peaceful outcome. As each character you must decide whether to let the incident happen or stop the manifestation of hate and the biases that caused it. Can you make the right decisions and prevent this terrible incident from happening?

In The Challenge (Ages 12-16) you assume the roles of four unique students in a weeklong leadership training camp offered by your school. You will work as a leader and a follower, as a team and as an individual. In this program, your choices have the power to win you respect, knowledge, satisfaction and a scholarship.

The Challenge II (Ages 14-18) , developed in cooperation with the Army JROTC, addresses teen leadership while incorporating relationships, peers, school choices, life choices, and monumental matters about the future.

Interactive Nights Out 1™ (Ages 17-25) helps 17-25 year-olds make informed choices about HIV/AIDS, STDs, pregnancy, relationships, alcohol and other drugs. Players become the lead character in both male and female-centered movies, make choices for the characters, and witness the consequences of their decisions. The INO1 presents two games, one for male and another for female, that lead you through a different set of challenges.

Interactive Nights Out 2™ (Ages 11-17) helps 11-17 year-olds make educated choices about alcohol and other drugs. As the lead characters, you attend parties, take road trips, confront the law, address family and peer relationships, and tackle decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs.

Besides Youth Education, you may find full-motion interactive movies for Military, Law Enforcement, Corporate and Healthcare.

Anticipated Benefits

For Users: The virtual experience teaches you how to make better decisions so you can live a healthier, happier and more productive life. It replaces the passive “teach by telling” approach with an active “learn by doing” model based on the way people naturally internalize information and make behavior choices.

For Teachers / Trainers: WILL's movies branch to many (20+) different outcomes; users play repeatedly to experiment with various decisions and consequences. They allow people to model behaviors and practice ways to incorporate knowledge into their daily live. The movies reside at the intersection of education, entertainment, reality, and imagination.

For Sponsors: WILL movies are designed to play alone or with family and friends; they are excellent for classroom use. Each product is research-based, user-centered, and highly engaging; people play for fun, but all the while they learn a lot.