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Serious Gaming With WebConf3D Service On Demand

Via: WebConf3D - Powerful 3D real-time technology serving all your multimedia communication needs

Following my prior post Serious Games As 3D Workspaces, I-MAGINER is pleased to introduce its new WebConf3D service for on demand virtual meetings!

Webconf3D solution is a collaborative work environment in 3D. It brings together 8 people in a remote virtual meeting room to communicate and work together around multimedia documents.

Webconf3D can be created on demand based on specific users needs. The service runs by subscription from one day to one year.

Webconf3D can be used to meet project staff, run a network of partners, for customers’ presentations, distant training, online help desk and any type of uses based on real-time collaboration for distant people.

This service is completely free until May 15, 2008.

The Application

With I-MAGINER Web Conference 3D:

  • You enter the web conference room with a specific address sent to your private mail;
  • You can choose your own virtual appearance, from your hair to your shoes, according to your mood, or the circumstances or the agenda of the meeting;
  • You can communicate, dialogue, exchange, share, vote with the other participants in real time;
  • You can enhance professional meetings, animating your character, with lights and cameras controlled by the organizer;
  • You can visualize and interact with 3D objects in real time;
  • You can display multimedia documents in Flash®, Windows Media Player® and Real Player® Format, or any type of application available on your computer.
WebConf3D Potential Advantages
  • Flexibility: Your virtual meeting room available 24/24 and 7/7 on the Web
  • Communication: Built-in VoIP, Chat, Webcam Video streaming and other communication capabilities
  • Sharing: Broadcast documents, presentations, videos or share any application on your computer
  • Savings: Travel less, save time and CO2 emissions
WebConf3D can be used to accelerate product development, improve HR processes and interviews, present products and services to customers, facilitate project reviews and team meetings, negotiate contracts or online training.

WebConf3D collaboration tools can increase organizations' efficiency. Easy to set up, always available and highly immersive, WebConf3D brings a rich set of features to make online meetings a rewarding experience.