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Serious Games To Boost Safety On Oil Rigs - Update

Following my previous post Serious Games Hit Oil & Gas Industry and a couple of recent consultations on Service Rig Training availability, I have now realized that all cross-references on my post have become obsolete.

As of February 1, 2008 Terris-Hill Productions Ltd. has renamed the company Coole Immersive, Inc. and its flagship product, Simulynx, now to be called Coole Immersive Service Rig Training.

Their vision with this change is to develop a leading edge, memorable brand that reflects the innovative immersive learning programs they provide.

Coole Immersive Service Rig Training

Coole Immersive specializes in customized, interactive, training programs for industry that immerse workers in real-to-life situations using video game technology. This innovative training enables workers to learn in a safe environment at an accelerated pace, increasing retention, confidence and competence.

Coole Immersive’s Service Rig Training is its flagship immersive training product and has proven to be an essential tool for clients in the oil and gas industry focused on superior team performance.
It provides front line workers for the service rig sector of the oil & gas industry with training using a first person perspective 3D environment in which to learn. The roles currently developed and utilized by clients in this sector are Jr. Floorhand, Sr. Floorhand, Derrickhand and Operator.

  • 8 Categories and 57 work methods for the 4 roles (Jr. Floorhand, Sr. Floorhand, Derrickhand and Operator)
  • Multiple interactive training operations for each role
  • Glossary of over 700 terms with visual reinforcement
  • Task specific video and instructional voice over