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Viral Games Get Serious Enriching Brand Experiences

Via: Viral Blog - CP+B Launches Rooftop Racer For Coke Zero

Advergames are starting to create new levels of excitement and interactivity that dynamically enrich consumer-brand experiences. 

As long as the game delivers a fun pay off, consumers consider it a relevant and valid cultural experience. In recent brand-impact studies, associating a brand with the fun of gaming is known to lift brand metrics such as brand awareness, message association and purchase intent. After playing a game, consumers are more likely to remember not just the brand or product itself, but to associate specific brand attributes with it.

Miami-based creative shop Crispin Porter + Bogusky, famous for their campaigns like Burger King’s Subservient Chicken and Simpsonize Me, have created another stunning Coke Zero advergame, called Rooftop RacerCP+B's "Rooftop Racer" advergame for Coke Zero, which ties into the inaugural Coke Zero 400 NASCAR race that took place on July 5th, lets players step into the virtual car of 400 competitor Elliott Sadler and reach the checkered flag.

The one major obstacle, though, is that racers have to balance a Coke Zero bottle that sits on top of their ride.

Hold down the arrow keys to power Sadler's car and use them to maneuver as well. Under the instructions menu, one can customize game control by determining which way the bottle slides, either in the direction steered or the opposite direction.

The longer players stay in the five-lap race and outbattle fellow drivers while keeping the car powered and the Coke Zero bottle balanced, they increase their score automatically and possibly unearth hidden bonus points along the way.

The game graphics of Coke Zero’s Rooftop Racer are beautifully designed. Along with the voiceovers and soundeffects the advergame really lets you feel the thrill and excitement of being part of a real 400 NASCAR race.

After the race, players can check their ranking on the leaderboard or challenge others by sending the viral across to friends.