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Wide Variety Of Serious Games At PlayGen's Fresh Site

Branching scenarios, also known as branching stories, are utilised in scenario based learning or assessment
Via: PlayGen

PlayGen's new site deserves a visit. Kam Star generously shares PlayGen's numerous case studies, heavily illustrated, covering a wide variety of market segments.

Under Government: Citizen, we may find Engaging Politics :: Serious Policy game, object of my prior posting Serious Policy: Serious Games For Citizen Engagement.

Under Education :: Science, Learning Nanotechnology :: NanoMission game, also object of my prior posting at Serious Games To Understand Nanotech Update and Serious Games To Understand Nanotech Available For Download.

and under Education general, Virtual Universities and Virtual Architecture explores how architecture through Immersive simulations can be fun and an engaging way to get the design ideas across.

Under Defense, Media War and Virtual Airbase make use of immersive learning simulations to gain a better understanding of the real environment from the comfort of one's workstation.

Under Broadcast, NextGen History :: Time Commanders utilises cutting edge gaming technology to re-play history for a modern audience.

Under Corporate, Learning Innovation Investment game teaches innovation strategy to CEOs of leading technology companies.

In addition, the new website presents a series of applications, ranging from Emotional Intelligence to Health and Safety.

Emotional Intelligence Games and Simulations

Customer Service Training using Serious Games and Simulations

Diversity Training Serious Game

Health and Safety

Last but not least, PlayGen's fresh site also shares game development technologies, from Branching Scenarios to Augmented Reality.

Behavioural Psychology

Psychometric Serious Games

Virtools Development and Training

Augmented Reality Development

About PlayGen

PlayGen, Ltd. is a leading developer of "Serious Games", simulations and game-based technology products with an impressive track record in delivering a wide variety of virtual experiences and authoring tools for training and assessment to government, defence, medical and corporate customers.

Their dedicated team of developers, based in London and New York, work alongside contractors from across the UK, USA and Europe.