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Serious Games Enhance Medical Treatment Planning

Via: Interactive Multimedia Technology - Digital Lightbox For Hospitals - The Multi-Touch of Electronic Medical Records?

Lynn Marentette authors the most comprehensive Blog over the Web on how interactive technology can support collaboration, communication, and engaged learning.

Her latest post covers BrainLAB AG's Digital Lightbox, a multi-touch display that allows surgeons and physicians to instantly access and manipulate digital medical data through the power of touch.
Digital Lightbox replaces the conventional light box used to observe analog x-ray images.

As a wall-mounted solution, Digital Lightbox can be installed in almost any hospital location—such as the OR, an office or a meeting room.

Ergonomic touchscreen technology with zoom functionality makes working with data easy and effective. Clinicians can intuitively navigate within pictures and between settings. Image scrolling can be performed with one finger; zooming in and out of images with two. Images from different sources can also be fused easily. A measure functionality enables clinicians to set size and other dimensions.

Digital Lightbox enables clinicians to select the most valuable images from large amounts of existing medical data. Synchronizing seamlessly with PACS, iPlan® Net, and other hospital data sources, Digital Lightbox enables you to better collaborate with colleagues in different departments, and across different stages of the treatment cycle.

Seamless integration with iPlan® Net

When connected to iPlan Net, Digital Lightbox unlocks even greater possibilities in collaborative treatment. iPlan Net allows to plan treatments in real time with colleagues in remote locations—such as a nearby room or building, a conference, or even an airport.