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Insolita Studios: A Head Start for Serious Games in Brazil

New Insolita Studios’ "Serious Game" - The Entrepreneur Island

Via: Insolita Studios

The Brazilian company Insolita Studios has just launched two "Serious Games", both for PCs, targeting high school and undergraduate students:

The Entrepreneur Island provides a valuable, interactive experience for those who intend to start their own business, allowing players to transform ideas into business propositions, in a virtual island plenty of opportunities.

Departing from real market data, gameplay takes place through five different stages: Market Research (identifying the opportunity); Business Plan; Resources Acquisition, Team Development and Initial Investment.

In LudoPark, players manage their own business in an amusement park where they can test their strategy of choice. Dozens of business environment variables impact the end result whilst elaborated artificial intelligence simulates the decisions of the consumers.

The game allows for up to forty simultaneous players and although conceived for high school and undergraduate students, it can also be utilized by organizations from different sectors for management training.

About Insolita Studios

Insolita Studios is a Brazilian game studio incubated as a resident company at the Technology-Based Business Incubator Center (Cietec), in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Established in January 2006, their first Serious Game Ottomax -- a business administration simulator, was object of my previous post
Serious Game To Evaluate Your Entrepreneurial Skills. Ottomax is an online game that simulates a manufacturing company environment, where players can assess their entrepreneurial skills.

Besides commercializing the above licensed products, Insolita also operates under a “work-for-hire” model for some major companies in Brazil.