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A Kids Portal For Serious Games With Educational Value

Via: Kids Educational Games

Ramo Games, a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, has launched, a kids gaming portal that features education games in different categories including geography, math and reading.

Ramo Games was founded by Sumir Meghani, a Harvard Business School graduate, along with others having experience with companies like Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, and Thomson Learning.

Ramo, means ‘play’ in Gujarati, and the vision of the company is to build next-generation interactive learning games for kids.

The angel funded startup also plans to launch a kids-focused MMOG in US and Asia within the next year.

Ramo Games Portal provides a list of educational games for children, many of them free and online. Every game listed on the site has some kind of educational value, whether in the form of testing specific skills (math, reading) or integrating real-world learning.

Ramo Games find educational games to put on the site in two ways: 1) the editorial team searches through the Internet to find the best content and 2) they welcome feedback from visitors.

Partnering With Teachers and Librarians

Ramo Games are willing to work with teachers and librarians to help them find games relevant to material in their classroom or library.
Click here if you wish to join their teacher advisory board and/or find a research survey they are asking teachers to fill out.