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Serious Games For Everyday Heroes Of Industry

Via: Simulated Training Systems - Heroes of Industry Interactive Simulation Based Training

Simulated Training Systems is one of Australia’s leading providers of Interactive Simulation Based Training and Visualization with clients including the Transport & Distribution Industry Skills Council and the Department of Education Science & Training. They seek to build lasting and long-term partnerships with progressive organizations from the Education, Government and Corporate sectors, including leading industry groups and NGOs.

As the Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council, TDT Australia is committed to supporting the needs of the Transport and Logistics industry through the introduction of innovative training models to manage knowledge and extend and improve traditional training and learning practices.

TDT Australia, Simulated Training Systems and the Commonwealth Department of Education Science and Training (DEST) have worked collectively in the development of an interactive training simulation dedicated to improving staff competency levels in the transport and warehousing sector.

TDT Australia came to Simulated Training Systems to develop a training program based on 21 Units from the Transport and Distribution Vocational Education & Training (VET) Training Package called Heroes of Industry.

Heroes of Industry is the first of its kind in Australia and aims to engage learners in an innovative way as well as promote career pathways in the Transport & Logistics Industry.

It was developed as a fully interactive 3D training simulation set in a realistic virtual warehouse. Players are required to complete a range of tasks including, sorting and packaging dangerous goods, documenting and recording movements of goods, identifying suspicious packages and dealing with potential security threats.

The simulation links the learner to 21 units of competency from Certificates I, II & III of the Transport and Logistics Training Package with learners awarded Virtual Certificates for completing the requisite units of each certificate.

Information, hints and advice directing the learner is contained in a series of in-tray notes, notice boards and other clues including a supervisor ‘avatar’ who dispenses timely feedback and useful hints.

Ultimately however, the order and the speed in which learning takes place are controlled by the learner.

Heroes of Industry
is being used by new employees as part of their induction program for a much better grasp of basic OH&S practices from day one.