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Serious Games in Education: A Documentation Framework

Steven Egan is one of the finalists announced for the Acclaim’s Game Design Contest Top Secret, named out of more than 60,000 participants.

Steven Egan reports he is also an entrant of The
Mind Trust's Education Entrepreneur Fellowship, a nationally unique incubator for transformative education ventures with a value proposition of becoming "the place where extraordinary people develop new strategies to tackle education’s greatest challenges".

The Fellowship offers promising education entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and launch their break-the-mold education ventures. Fellows receive two years of salary, benefits, customized training, a travel budget and more. With this support, fellows will be able to realize their visions for some of the nation’s underserved students.

Steven’s initiative is about building a community and documentation framework centered on education and games.

At the moment Steven is trying to identify organizations and projects using games to improve education. Their resources and results, that are public, could then be organized at one location for people to go through. 
A place for people to communicate and document their work is Steven Egan's end goal and he is gathering information at his Blog Learning Science Meets Game Design.

About The Mind Trust

The Mind Trust's mission is to dramatically improve public education for underserved students by empowering education entrepreneurs to develop or expand transformative education initiatives.

To achieve this mission, The Mind Trust has two strategies:

(1) a nationally unique Education Entrepreneur Fellowship that serves as an incubator for transformative education ventures; and

(2) a Venture Fund to recruit to Indianapolis the nation’s most successful entrepreneurial education initiatives.

The Mind Trust, a nonprofit, was founded in 2006. While building Indianapolis' award-winning charter schools initiative, The Mind Trust's founders, former Mayor Bart Peterson and President and CEO David Harris, saw firsthand the value that education entrepreneurs brought to students in Indianapolis. They sought to reach more students by making Indianapolis one of the most attractive places in the country for talented entrepreneurs to start new educational ventures and to expand those that have been successful elsewhere.